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Please support Nicole's memorial scholarship


The Nicole duFresne Scholarship was created to support socially conscious young women who are committed to building bridges of understanding between all people. Nicole is no longer able to further this cause through the arts she so loved. Your support will enable other women to hone their skills at Emerson College and carry on this most important work.

Nicole's life was short yet she touched so many lives and loved so deeply. We know that she would be proud, and a bit humbled, by a scholarship created in her name. But if she could offer counsel to those who receive Nicole duFresne Scholarship funding, we know it would be "Go girl!" Allow us to stand in the stead of those future recipients and say "Thank you for helping, I will do my best."

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Nicole's headshots were done by Maggie Soladay in 2004

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Matter: writer, actor, producer Burning Cage: co-writer, actor, co-producer
Present Tense Theater Project (PTTP) -- writer, actor, director of development
Organizations of which Nicole was a member: 
Fractured Atlas Planned Parenthood Theaters Against War
Organizations which Nicole supported:
Center For Public Integrity Project FIND Women For Women
Friends in Nicole's community:
SKWIBO Throwing Bones Capitol Hill Arts
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